LUmschlag 2ast year I published a book that is commercially available. It is written in German.  It is about work and time management. Nowadays, the requirements of daily life are very diverse. The professional and private life overlap more and more. If you are not careful you may end up working non-stop. With Outlook, you have a powerful tool on hand, which helps you to keep an overview of all your tasks. In this book you will learn how to balance your activities. In addition, you will learn how time consuming interruptions are and how you can protect yourself from them. You will see that it is OK to say NO and not to have a guilty conscience. In addition, you get lots of tips on how you can clear your inbox, so that a message is not read more than once. Find out why it is worthwhile adapting Outlook to your personal needs. In this book you will learn which options are available. The book contains images of Outlook version 2013. However, virtually all techniques shown can be applied to previous versions of Outlook.

You can order the book directly from me for CHF 30.00. Just contact me .

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